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Born in NEW YORK, Coco was the son of Felice Coco, a shoemaker, and Ida Detestes Coco. James began acting straight out from high school. Being an overweight and prematurely balding adult, he found himself relegated to character roles. He made his Broadway debut in Hotel Paradiso in 1957, but his first major recognition was for Off-Broadway’s The Moon in Yellow River, that he won an Obie Award. Coco’s first modern collaboration with Playwright Terrence McNally was a 1968 off Broadway double-bill from the one-act plays Sweet Eros and Witness, accompanied by Here’s Where I Belong, a disastrous Broadway musical adaptation of East of Eden that closed on opening night. That they had much larger success making use of their next project, Next, a two-character play with Elaine Shore, which ran for a lot more than 700 performances and won Coco the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Performance. Sixteen years later, both would reunite for that Manhattan Theatre Club production of It’s Just a Play.

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Coco also achieved success with Neil Simon, who wrote THE FINAL in the Red Hot Lovers (1969) designed for him. It earned him a Tony Award nomination as Best Actor in the Play. Both later joined forces for just a Broadway revival with the musical Little Me plus the films Murder by Death (1976), The Cheap Detective (1978) and ONLY ONCE I Laugh (1981), that he was both Oscar-nominated and Razzie-nominated. On television, Coco starred on two unsuccessful 1970s series, Calucci’s Department along with the Dumplings, and made guest appearances on many series, including ABC Stage 67, The Edge of Night, Marcus Welby, M.D., Trapper John, M.D., INFIRMARY, Maude, Fantasy Island, Alice, The Eddie Capra Mysteries, Murder, She Wrote, The Muppet Show, The Love Boat and St. Elsewhere, that he won an Emmy Award. One of is own last television assignments was a recurring role as Nick Milano for the sitcom Who’s the Boss? In 1971, he was over the Tonight Show that was guest-hosted by Woody Allen. On the show, he discussed his acting career. Coco died of your coronary attack in NEW YORK on February 25, 1987, at age 56. He could be buried in St. Gertrude’s Roman Catholic Cemetery in Colonia, NJ.

I take down notes from him.

There’s one boss and there can only just be one voice, I believe, representing the producer. So in this point in time, where you can find forty names above the title, and folks come up if you ask me and say, “I’m among your producers and I didn’t such as this line,” I say, “Tell the lead producer that. I take down notes from him. I can’t take down notes from anybody else,” because theater may become chaos so quickly. Many people are fighting desperately to accomplish what’s right because of this play or musical. To possess people around picking at it, I’ve learned the hard way. There are occasions I’ve wished to say something for an actor but no, wait and go directly to the director and say, “Can you please inform them,” or “The reason why I believe that’s no longer working,” or whatever. THEREFORE I think a producer may be the ultimate mom and pop job quit in the 21st century, where everything is indeed corporate.

Here’s the opportunity for a person to really have confidence in something and present, in collaboration with other folks, his vision, nonetheless it can’t be considered a group – theater isn’t by committee. I believe it really is, perhaps, threatening a little to get this way. I’m not big on audience polls and interviews. During Ragtime the producer, Garth Drabinsky, wanted us to accomplish some general market trends and we were watching the audience by way of a a proven way mirror also it felt just like a crime movie, these the indegent being eavesdropped on plus they didn’t find out about the wall. The interviewer said, “What did you imagine from the title? ” Someone said, “I didn’t just like the title,” and he said, “Why? ” and he said, “Well, I believe Charleston could have been better. Actually, the complete show, I simply thought there will be a many more Charleston routines,” and that’s so stupid and you’re paying good money to listen to these stupid opinions. The Charleston originated 25 years after ragtime. Ken: I really like it, I could view it now. Terrence: Why are you currently spending your cash with this?

Ken: Terrance McNally’s next play will need invest a focus group behind a glass partition. I’ve yet another question for you personally – in the event that you could awaken tomorrow and someone gave you a magic wand plus they said, “Terrence, it is possible to wave this wand and change a very important factor about Broadway today. A very important factor it is possible to change.” I ask this question of everybody and I get completely different responses. It is possible to change a very important factor but a very important factor only – what would that certain thing be? Terrence: The price tag on tickets. No hesitation. It might be less money in my own pocket but there will be more bums in seats, because the Brits say. And that’s the target. We do that to communicate as well as the more folks that see my plays, the more folks I’ve had to be able to speak to.