Whiskey League: A Crowdsourced Whiskey Flavor Database! : Whiskey

I’ve posted a few updates about my whiskey flavor database project over the last 3-4 weeks, and I’m glad I can finally share an open beta with all of you! Keep in mind, this is an early stage for the project, and by no means a feature-complete, 24/7 maintained web app produced by a team of 10+ devs, so go easy on me. I’m only human!

Here are the official beta launch notes:


Sign up for an account, and begin using the web app! – I’m intending on user-based features like discussion threads, profile photos, etc. to be available in future updates.

Rate a whiskey’s flavor! – You can search for and rate any whiskey by name and brand. Future search options will include filtering by flavor and price point.

Search for a whiskey! – The birth of this project happened in the aisle of my local liquor store, as I was googling whiskey after whiskey to see what reviews said about flavors. Flavors were all I needed; not how it’s made, price, etc. I found most UIs for similar applications clunky at best, so I sought to create a clean interface with crowdsourced flavor opinions, rather than a reviewer’s opinion only. Quick search was the number one priority. At any time, the search bar is visible in the nav bar and ready for you to find the whiskey you’re looking for. Future updates will include a much more robust filtering option, including search-by-flavor.

Add a whiskey! – If the whiskey you’re looking for is not in the database currently, submit it! It’ll be sent to the admin panel for review, editing, and approval.


There have been some reports among a closed alpha of bugs with login/sign up. If you experience an issue while signing up or logging in, contact me via Discord (KMH#6227) and I will respond as quickly as possible.

Likewise, for all bug reports, contact me via Discord for the quickest possible resolution. I will be implementing a feedback option in a future release that will allow you to send feedback on features and bugs directly on the site, right to the admin dashboard. Until then, as they say, this is the way.